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Another Tale of Love & Yearning in Connecticut. I have some vague notions about why I chose Connecticut as the setting for this 2014 romantic sentimental story. By definition, it's probably a category romance, for what it's worth—we have all the ingredients per RWA, including (a) the love story is foremost and (b) HEA. This was an experiment of sorts for me. On the one hand, I have *always* written fiction with a strong male and a strong female lead. To me, there has never been any question that it makes for the strongest sort of story, and I will always passionately believe that. In fact, the only novel I have ever written that does not reach HEA with a strong male & strong female lead is :Lethal Journey, a San Diego-Coronado novel closely based on my scholarly research on the 1892 true crime and famous ghost legend (see Coronado Mystery). In the latter case, that's because Lethal Journey is closely based on a true story, and HEA was impossible. That said, I know that my research told me that over 40% of category romance is read by Southern women, and often reflects some of the most tragic (cruelly needless) divisions in U.S. history (manipulated by zillionaires, first the Southern plantation owners who caused the Civil War to ruthlessly preserve their immoral wealth based on slavery, and more recently the Reaganist corporations who have successfully divided us against each other to reinforce medieval corporate power and profit, as I will explain in my Progressive Horizon website and Explanation Nation series). So, I chose to make my tragic heroine a Southern girl from Oklahoma, and her lost young husband a New England boy killed in a far away war. And the hero, as she finds her second chance in life, is a Connecticut man as well. That was my political subtext in populating this love story as I did. I also felt that the Sleeping Beauty motif would work exceedingly well; not to be confused with Beauty and the Beast. It's Prince Charming (Rick) coming to waken and rescue the sleeping princess (Marian the Librarian).

Nice Cry

A Sentimental Love Story by Jean-Thomas Cullen

Sleeping Beauty and the Prince. A beautiful, tragic young librarian in a tiny Connecticut town is a war widow; suffering through grief and loss, she works devotedly in this imaginary (Emery, CT like the nail files) little town, and at the end of each school day, she gathers the first graders from the nearby elementary school for Story Time. She's literally Marian, the Librarian. Well, one blistering hot summer day, a very wealthy young man named Rick Meyer stops in Emeryís only gas station for a little auto maintenance. Rick regularly flies by in his hot car on big business deals that take him to New York, Boston, and other big cities. He lives in Hartford, and has just gone through a really ugly, debilitating divorce from Spider Lady; so heís quite shy on the love stuff for now. Leaving his car at Tonyís Garage near the parkway, he wanders down the tiny strip mall in Emery, buys a soda, and steps into the library mainly for the air conditioning. Which is where he meets Marian. Where the ground shakes as they stare into each otherís eyes. And if you want to know what happens next, you have to read the story…

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Nice Cry, a sentimental romantic love story by Jean-Thomas Cullen